Hair Transplant / Hair Restoration surgery!



Unlike older punch techniques, the technique used by our team is the modern, latest FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANT, which enables the patient to go home after surgery with no bleeding and with only a headband and hat.

He can shower and shampoo hair about 2 days later and resume work after couple of days itself. Any discomfort is alleviated by oral medications.

Donor area dressing is removed 1-2 days later and sutures 12-15 days later.

After 6 weeks the transplanted hairs fall off , albeit the roots in place, which then give out hairs. At 12 weeks the hair growth is about 5mm, which then increases in length and density till we see the final benefits of the surgery at 9 – 12 months.



Hair restoration surgery is performed under proper sterile conditions of an operation theatre set-up under only local anaesthesia as an out-patient procedure.

It takes time of only half a day( from 4- 6 hrs on an avg. ) where the patient rests comfortably during the entire surgery, can listen to music or even dozes off.