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Exactly how does the Dermaroller Therapy Roller Give You Better Skin?

As the dermaroller is rolled across your skin, it makes tiny pin point punctures into the dermis – which causes the release of growth factors that trigger the production of elastin and collagen. The skin is designed to react to any injury or damage by initiating the process of healing, but typically it will just mend as far as it has to to keep you healthy – which is completely different to healing to a cosmetic level. By frequently triggering this healing process, you ask your body to carry on repairing until the job is done.

Your body typically assumes that scars, stretch marks and winkles are acceptable, but with the gentle reminder caused by the Dermaroller Therapy the body is reminded to continue the repair process until the body has also healed itself on a cosmetic level. This mechanism of skin remodelling can keep working for weeks after each dermaroler treatment, but visible changes may be experienced within a week! Your skin naturally renews itself every forty days, so with a little bit of effort, changes can be fast and dramatic.

Cosmetic micro-needling with the Dermaroller may be conducted safely on all skin colours and all types of skin. The epidermis and melanocytes in the basal area are not harmed, so there is no possibility of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.



Dermaroller Therapy is a simple technique which has the amazing ability to naturally trigger elastin and collagen production in the skin without damaging it..

Dermarollers work on so many common skin issues because they effectively tackle the root cause of the problem- a lack of collagen in the skin. Young and healthy skin is invariably free of any blemishes, wrinkles or marks. Because the Dermaroller works to increase collagen levels it effectively helps your body creates new, young and perfect looking skin without damage and without unnecessary and expensive treatments.