Permanent Hair Removal by Laser!



Not just women, even men are opting for in for laser Hair removal for Beard Shaping, Unwanted hair on ears, chest etc.

Our laser is US FDA (United States - food and drug association) approved for Indian skin and has no long term or short term side effects to skin or body.

It is very safe, cost effective and permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair from face or body

Today this treatment is very much in demand as it is permanent way to removing hair and women do not have to get waxing and threading done repeatedly,which is cumbersome and painful.

Hormonal profile is indicated when there are other clinic problems associate with excessive unwanted hair.

Time Taken - Depends on body part to be lased. Upper lip takes 10 mins.

Time Interval between two sessions is generally 4 to 6 weeks ,Number of Sessions Recommended - 4-6



Unwanted hair on face or body can be a cause of concern & psychological stress in females.

No matter, how beautiful a women looks, just a few unwanted hair on face can camouflage her entire beauty.

Waxing, threading, bleaching, plucking or shaving are temporary ways while laser treatment for hair removal is permanent, safe and easy!